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Information Office Point I : Just 50m. in front of the church, in the village square, Vao, is Point I. It is staffed by a well-travelled Kunie, Marie-Jeanne, who, in addition to her own native language, speaks English, French, Italian, Czech and Polish.

Office hours are from
8-11.30am and 2-4pm, Monday to Saturday.

Tel. (687) 46 10 27
ou e-mail : INFO

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Looking for a coffee or a bite to eat ? At the southern end of Kuto beach, just before the old convict administration wall, you’ll find a pale yellow building with a green roof and an attractive terrace on the water’s edge. Oddly enough, this Snack Bar or P’tit Café (as the locals refer to it) has put up neither a name nor any sign !
Suffice to know you can find sandwiches, soft drinks and coffee there. You can also have a lunch meal at reasonable cost, but it’s best to reserve and preferably the day before. Annick, who runs the café, is an experienced cook, having trained in a well-known restaurant in Noumea for 17 years.

Open every day from 9am-5pm. Tel. (687) 87 08 88

As the travel guide, Lonely Planet, explains: everything moves … nothing stays the same ! That applies equally to Isle of Pines. The former Snack Tadey, at the north of Kuto, has closed and with it goes the island’s first cyber-café.
The snack bar run by Annick has taken the place of Tadey, but there’s no public computer access any more. You would be advised to bring your own portable equipment or settle for being totally ‘on holiday’ and away from contact except by telephone !



There are two ATMs on the island – both in Vao village – one at the Post Office and one at the Bank. Access is available only during opening hours, Monday to Friday.



On March 8th, some 50 Kunié women and several ‘Soroptimists’ from Noumea joined in spirit with other women around the world, uniting their voices in solidarity with one another. Several women spoke poignantly of their work, ranging from a young mother at home, to representatives of the government and the town council, public health and tourism. The island’s current leading folk-dance group, Olobatr, honoured the women with an impressive show featuring excellent make-up and costumes.

Folk-dance group, Olobatr.



The island’s annual yam feast took on extra importance this year, with the presence of the Bishop of New Caledonia, Monsignor Calvet.
As is customary, the first harvest was piled in front of the church altar. The Bishop blessed the brown tubers, before the islanders carried the fruits of their labour to the grounds of the High Chief where they were then distributed amongst the clans, European residents and representatives of numerous companies presently working on the island.
This year’s harvest was fruitful, despite worries that the 5 months drought the island suffered till the end of January would be its ruin. Good, but late rains in February and March were the saving grace.




Kou-Bugny Hotel, situated on the edge of Kuto Bay, is undergoing renovations. This could be a ‘blessing in disguise’ for visitors considering staying on the island as, while work is being carried out over the next year, the price for either a standard or deluxe bungalow has been reduced by half.

For more details contact:

Note: the reduced tariff applies only to bed cost and is included in a package covering breakfast and transfers.

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