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Tales & Rhymes from a Paradise Island - Kindle Edition
by Hilary Roots (Author)

Tales & Rhymes from a Paradise Island

Ever dreamt of living on a South Pacific island?

Let brother and sister, Nini and Lolo, take you there where the sun mostly shines and the sky's mostly blue. Discover their lives through short stories and meet wondrous land and sea creatures in verse :
a strange bird that barks,
a marine inhabitant older than a dinosaur,
a dangerous fish that makes good eating …

All this and more in Tales and Rhymes from a Paradise Island. Pages to read by yourself or for parents and grandparents to share with younger ones. Step into another world.
Have fun.

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Kindle Edition
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        * Discover the Isle of Pines (pocket guide),
Hilary Roots, Editions Grain de Sable, Noumea.



* Isle of Pines – Nature’s Wonder
Hard-cover, 25 X 27cm 135 images, text in English & French

Pierre-Alain Pantz
& Hilary Roots
Editions Solaris, Noumea

    Isle of Pines natures wonder book

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* New Caledonia - Travel Survival Kit, Lonely Planet, Australia
(see :

* They Came for Sandalwood, Dorothy Shineberg Melbourne University Press


* Moon Handbooks South Pacific - the original travel guide to Polynesia and Melanesia, David Stanley
(see : for more information and online bookstore)

    Hilary Roots, in collaboration with Grain de Sable Editions in Noumea, she has also published a small book of recipes and virtues of the fruit/vegetable, papaya or pawpaw.  
In search of publishers ...

The author of two of the above books, Hilary Roots, has lived on the island since 1975. Journalist by trade, she continues her research and writing about her adopted island.

Hilary’s present research concerns the handful of women convicts who were deported to Isle of Pines from France (1872-1880) along with 3000 male political deportees from the uprising of the Paris Commune. She would like to find letters, photos and any other information concerning these convict women, as well as the 50 or so other women who voluntarily joined their husbands in exile.

She is also keen to find material concerning the 20 or so convicts who opted to go to Australia or New Zealand, following their amnesty in 1879/80, rather than return to France.

Along different lines, Hilary Roots would like to share her knowledge of the island by way of a series of illustrated stories for children. To this end, she is hoping to find publishers in English and French.

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