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Information Office Point I : Just 50m. in front of the church, in the village square, Vao, is Point I. It is staffed by a well-travelled Kunie, Marie-Jeanne, who, in addition to her own native language, speaks English, French, Italian, Czech and Polish.

Office hours are from
8-11.30am and 2-4pm, Monday to Friday and Saturday am.

Tel. (687) 46 10 27

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• ISLE OF PINES - A page of the island’s history turns

  Just six months ago Isle of Pines celebrated with great pomp 40 years reign of its High Chief;  now the island is in mourning for the same important man.

Hilarion Vendegou, aged 78, passed away on January 11th.

Not only was he the customary chief, but he was also the island’s elected Mayor and was still exercising both posts. His funeral, attended by numerous officials, custom leaders, islanders and visitors, was held in Vao village on Thursday January 16th.

The official mourning will last a year.

   Hilarion Vendegou

Photo: Cornelie Vakoumé, a retired school-teacher, next to Hilarion Vendegou, who, for the first ten years of his public service, was also a primary school-teacher. This photo was taken on Armistice Day, November 11th, 2018, at a ceremony commemorating the end of the first World War.

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