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Edition July - September 2001
Does Isle of Pines’ history interest you?

A new association has recently been formed aimed at preserving the island’s convict settlement history. Terre d’Exil ( Land of Exile) plans to promote the island’s history and create job possibilities for young people by developing the tourism aspect of the convict ruins that date from the 1870s.

Annual membership costs 2,000 cfp (approx. $16 US).

For more information contact:

Postal address: Terre d’Exil, C/- Mr. Bruno Lavolée, B.P. 121, Vao, Ile des Pins, New Caledonia.


• Humpback whales have been back in Isle of Pines’ waters.

The marine mammals escape the Antarctic winter by spending July to October in warmer, sub-tropical sea. For the past 10 years, scientists have been studying these magnificent creatures in New Caledonia.

This season oceanographer/biologist, Claire Garrigue, chose Isle of Pines, for the first time, to start the annual research. Over 11 days Claire and 4 assistants recorded whale songs and observed some 15 whales frolicking together, breaching and slapping.

Claire and her team then continued their observations in the south and north of the New Caledonian Mainland and hope to establish whether the whales stay around Isle of Pines during the season or whether they go further north to mate and give birth.

Check out : for further information.


Not only do visitors come to Isle of Pines, but the islanders themselves also travel and compete favourably beyond their shores.

15 year-old, Vao high-school student, Rose-Marie Vakié, did well in French national athletics championships in Montbéliard, France at the end of June. She returned home with a bronze medal for discus, and silver medals for javelin and ‘quadrathlon’.

….. Could Isle of Pines have a future candidate for the 2008 Olympics?


Another young Kunie girl is also representing Isle of Pines overseas — this time in the hotel industry. Zerena Douépéré, until recently a receptionist at the Meridien hotel, Oro, is now with the same chain in Piccadilly, in the heart of London.


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