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Information Office Point I : Just 50m. in front of the church, in the village square, Vao, is Point I. It is staffed by a well-travelled Kunie, Marie-Jeanne, who, in addition to her own native language, speaks English, French, Italian, Czech and Polish.

Office hours are from
8-11.30am and 2-4pm, Monday to Friday and Saturday am.

Tel. (687) 46 10 27

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• ISLE OF PINES - a treasure trove of sea-life

  Beautiful sea-creatures - tiny shell-fish a maximum of 5 centimeters long, have recently been brought to light by a research team from the renown National Museum of Natural History in Paris, exploring the waters surrounding Isle of Pines.

The international team which worked in the area in 2016, presented its findings to the island’s High Chief and notables in September 2018. Its expeditions, under the heading « The Planet Re-visited in New Caledonia », are a 21st century version of naturalists’ expeditions carried out a century or two ago. Their mission is to discover species hitherto unknown, thanks to new techniques of exploration and analysis. Leaders of the expedition to Isle of Pines, Professor Philippe Bouchet, and expeditions manager, Pascale Joannot, emphasize that New Caledonia is a fount of bio-diversity, given its high proportion of endemic species in flora and fauna, including species yet to be discovered. Their message is that this treasure trove deserves to be studied and needs to be preserved.

  Small volute Lyria kuniene

A small volute, 5 cm long, Lyria kuniene, discovered by Professor Bouchet in 1979, but only seen and photographed alive for the first time in 2016. Its habitat - waters, 300m. deep, just beyond Isle of Pines.

Shell fish found waters around Isle of Pines

These shell-fish, also miniatures, are new species the expedition found in waters around Isle of Pines. Some are yet to be named.

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