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Edition August 2002

Stamp collecting is the stuff of dreams, travels, history and geography lessons. And New Caledonian stamps are no exception. Indeed the small country of only 216,000 inhabitants has a reputation for extraordinary stamps, known not only for their size, but also for their quality and variety. There are about 15 new issues every year.

Isle of Pines features as a subject from time to time. One recent issue concerns a French Navy corvette that charted the island’s waters in the mid-19th century, before subsequently being shipwrecked on New Zealand shores. The vessel’s name, Alcmene, is the official name of a beautiful small island 7-km from Kuto, more commonly known as Brush Island.

Another series issued in June this year, features the locally-produced New Caledonian coffee.
Three stamps represent the different phases of production: the flowers and berries of the Le Roy bush, the roasting process, then finally – a steaming cup of freshly brewed, fragrant smelling coffee. Yes, surprising as it may seem, the stamps actually give off a strong coffee aroma!

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