A holiday on Isle of Pines is possibly the epitome of ‘eco-tourism’. Choose the rhythm that suits you during the day - taking it easy or lots of physical activity. In the evening it’s relax - there’s in fact little else to do, other than have a quiet drink and dinner, then, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on the island at full moon, take a walk along the beach at low tide - it’s an unforgettable holiday experience.

Walks, drives and sea trips :

There are delightful bays all around the island, each with its own special charm. They are accessible either on foot, or by car, or only by boat.



Swimming in the bays
Kuto Bay
  The Kuto area abounds in bays of white sand and turquoise waters, each more spectacular than the other ! Kuto Bay itself is a gentle curve of more than a kilometre long;    
        the bay beyond is la Baie des Rouleaux (Roller Bay) because of the waves rolling in over the reef - it’s almost as long as Kuto Bay. Across the isthmus from Kuto is extraordinary Kanumera Bay, dominated by a huge, coral rock.  
Natural pool
    North of Upi is another magic bay - Oro - winding, tidal channels and a natural pool bordered by coral cliffs, which form protection from the open sea.
Note: 200 cfp p/pers. entry fee.




Drift on an outrigger, as the wind takes you
Upi Bay
Near Vao village is St. Joseph Bay, construction site of the island’s famous outriggers and their departure for excursions into wondrous Upi Bay.  

Island tour in a minibus or hire a car or a bike

Island tour minibus

  Cars, bikes and a few scooters are available to hire, for those visitors who like to do ‘their own thing’. Others may prefer to take an island tour by minibus.
The tour takes 2-3 hours and costs approx. 1.700 – 1.800 cfp per person. Each driver runs his own business and has sometimes only a smattering of English.
Contact :

Salomée : tel. (+687) 46 11 25
• Alex : tel. (+687) 78 96 36
• Raphaëla & William - "Kunié Island" tel. (+687) 81 37 78 (William speaks English).

• Kano, speaks English : tel. (+687) 75 76 26)
Car rental

Car rental : Cars can be hired from Kodjeue, Kou-Bugny, Nataiwatch, Ouré and the Meridien.

also from Edmond Locations : tel : (+687) 76 69 96
(5 seaters and a mini-bus for hire).

Mulumulu Transport offers a TAXI service (4 pax max ; meter charge – eg. Airport to Kuto approx. 1 500 cfp).
Their island tour costs 1 000 cfp per person.
Tel. (+687) 75 00 88

Tranex is another TAXI service. Tel : (+687) 76 84 50

Bikes rentals > click here


Looking for somewhere welcoming and reasonably-priced to eat during the day ?



Go hiking to better admire the island's beauty
        Hikers can find plenty of diversity on Isle of Pines, including the island’s only peak to climb - Peak Nga (262m) - from the top you can see the whole island and surrounding islets.  



Sea-trips ... outrigger or motor boat

Sea-trips include yesteryear sailing on an outrigger, with a deft Melanesian sailor to look after you, or a day trip by motor boat to a nearby island for a fish and lobster barbecue.

Several boats organise day-trips in the Isle of Pines' lagoon :

Note : Prices may vary.


• Yves Kouathé, Ouré Hotel, organises a picnic on Brush Island. Minimum : 4 persons.
Depart Kanumera Bay : 9am, return : 3pm.
Lobster, fish or chicken lunch (9 500 cfp p/pers.
Or 8 000 cfp p/pers.

Or Yves offers a tour of the bays and islets in the area, followed by a picnic at Brush Island. Minimum : 4 persons. Or simply a two and a half hour tour of the bays and islets.

Or a 2 hour early evening fishing tour ; again, minimum 4 persons.
Tel. (+687) 43 13 15

Brush Island



• Kou-Bugny Excursions : Brush and Moro Islands

Set off from Kuto Bay by boat to Brush Island and the surrounding waters. Time for a stroll and a swim (45min to an hour), then another boat ride to Moro Island where lunch will include bbq fish and lobster. The reef surrounding Moro is a haven for snorkeling.

Depart: 9.30am, return 3 - 3.30pm

Bookings directly at Kou-Bugny Hotel.
Price: 13.125 cfp per person.




A different excursion that takes in Upi Bay and gives visitors the chance to see and possibly swim with a turtle, as well as other marine life - perhaps manta rays or dolphins.
Fish or lobster lunch is to be enjoyed on Brush Island.

Depart from St. Joseph Bay at 9am (a short safety briefing to begin with), return at 3.30pm.

Price: According to the option of with or without lunch, and the possibility of paying a pick-up from Kuto or the Meridien.

For more details :

Bookings from 7.30am - 6pm
el : (+687) 79 19 26 or (+687) 90 97 61 or (+687) 75 00 88



Scuba-diving ... professional guides

Ouameo Bay



Scuba-diving enthusiasts (beginners and experienced divers) are well-catered for by Kunie Scuba Centre


Professional guides with all the equipment necessary to discover the colourful world of the New Caledonian lagoon - coral, fish, caves, drop-offs and passes.

For more information and Reservations :
Visit our Internet site
or e-mail :

or Tel. / Fax
Kunie Scuba Centre (687) 46 11 22

Kunie Scuba - dive boat



Modern sailing... catamaran
Kuto Bay

Or perhaps you would prefer more modern sailing ? ...
Several charter and boat hire companies offer Isle of Pines as a destination.
The boats and conditions vary - with or without skipper, with or without meals supplied.


• Nirvana Charter : 15m. catamaran with skipper, Gilles Gayot ; maximum 10 persons.
Tel. (+687) 77 42 40
Email :
Internet site :

• Noumea Yacht Charter : yachts (single-hulled and catamarans), motor boats, with or without skipper. Tel./Fax : (+687) 28 66 66
Email :
Internet site :

• Abaca Cruises : sail with a new Hélia 44 Evolution catamaran, to and around Isle of Pines (minimum 4 days). The 13m25 catamaran, from  renown French marine designer Fontaine-Pajot, was launched in June 2015.
Skipper: Yves Ducreux; maximum 6 persons.
Tel. (+687) 78 35 60
Internet site: (in English & French).



Vao Village


Information Office Point I : Just 50m. in front of the church, in the village square, Vao, is Point I. It is staffed by a well-travelled Kunie, Marie-Jeanne, who, in addition to her own native language, speaks English, French, Italian, Czech and Polish.

Office hours are from 8-11.30am and 2-4pm, Monday to Friday and Saturday am.

Tel. (687) 46 10 27

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