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Edition October - November 2001
A Sandalwood Distillery

A small, modern installation to distil precious sandalwood oil has recently begun operation on Isle of Pines. Situated at Wapan, in the north-east corner of the island, the distillery has created 3 new job opportunities for Kunies, under the direction of the director/founder, Michel Point, a specialist in the construction of stills.

The essential oil produced will be sold as a fixing agent, to perfume makers and cosmetics manufacturers in Europe

The revival of the sandalwood trade recalls the rush that flourished on Isle of Pines and in other Pacific islands mid 19th century. This time however, the islanders themselves cut and sell the wood, according to an equitable system amongst the eight tribes.

The island’s ecology is also being protected — sandalwood saplings are being raised in a nursery and, for each tree cut, three new specimens are being planted.


• A hairdressing salon

The opening of a hairdressing salon makes another first on Isle of Pines. The ‘mixed’ salon is already proving popular with residents — women, men and children alike. Professional hairdresser, Isabelle Lefebvre, brings with her modern techniques acquired in one of the top salons of Paris. Her fresh, well-lit premises are situated in the heart of Vao village, in the Market Square.

Open: Tuesdays, Wednesdays morning and afternoon, Saturday morning.

Other days by appointment. Visitors welcome. Tel: 46 10 17


• Eco-tourism — Guided Hikes

Explore the by-ways of Isle of Pines …. 15 young Kunie men and women have just qualified as guides for hikes, offering a variety of rarely visited tracks to discover.

The circuits, mostly easy, last from 2 to 4 hours. Some follow the coastline, others explore the forests, yam plantations, or the village. Several guides speak some English.

Cost: 1000 — 2000 cfp per person. Inquire at your resort.


• Classical Week at the Meridien

Classical music was on the menu for guests at the Meridien Hotel, Oro, during the week 27th October — 4th November. Midday and evening, 3 music professors from Noumea accompanied meal times playing Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Telemann. The strains of violin, cello and oboe in the open air, under the trees made for a successful week, in a very special setting. "It’s a recipe we’ll present again soon", said Hotel Manager, Olivier Trinquant.


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